Yardage Calculator

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An easy tool for estimating the amount of mulch, topsoil, or compost that you need

To calculate the amount of a product you will need for a specific area, simply enter the figures below.

  1. sq. feet
  2. inches
cubic yards

Tips for making your calculations

Spreading Mulch

We usually recommend spreading mulch at a depth of 2”. When spreading mulch, it’s especially important not to over-mulch. Too much mulch, especially around the base of trees and shrubs, can be harmful to plant material. We love to sell a lot of mulch, but not to the detriment of anyone’s landscape!

Spreading Topsoil and Compost

When applying topsoil and compost to existing landscaping, a spreading depth of 1/2” is generally appropriate to improve the health of the soil. When applying topsoil to an excavated area that has essentially lost its entire topsoil layer, a much thicker application is necessary – anywhere from 4-8”. Contact the Almstead sales team for suggestions on what will work best for your project.

Calculating Area

The easiest way to estimate area is to break the space up into one or more rectangles. Area for a rectangle is simply length x width. You can obviously get a lot more complicated – adding other shapes like triangles and circles — but your estimate at the end of all that work usually won’t be too much more accurate.

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